Yoga Instruction

Jilly in a Yoga Lesson

Yoga is an ancient holistic discipline that increases strength, suppleness and energy. With regular practice, the benefits for the mind and body are bountiful.

For individuals or small groups, Jilly offers bespoke Yoga classes to suit all levels of experience. Her teaching offers the student a great variety, mixing Iyengar and Ashtanga style. Her lessons will sometimes involve flowing sequences to help increase internal heat and focus the mind, or she may explore a variety of poses, breathing and relaxation techniques to help specific physical problems.

Jilly's clients are all ages, some complete beginners to more experienced students. When Jilly looks back over the years of teaching Yoga, the greatest joy to her is to see the gradual transformation on all levels of her students. Yoga is truly a very special practise.

Private, one-to-one classes start at £80 depending on location. For details contact Jilly.

Yoga… with the FT

Jilly teaches one of her regular lessons joined by Financial Times Journalist, David Oakley:

Financial Times feature, July 2015 (PDF)

Jilly in a Yoga Pose