These are some examples of past commissions and the client is very much involved from the start, sharing their vision and ideas with Jilly. She will take in to account the surroundings, the light, the different textures and size of the location. She will offer you various sketches to choose from and then a mock-up will be made of the sculpture for you to see. At this point the various colours of the patina will be discussed, before the sculpture is finally taken to the foundry to be cast. Depending on whether the sculpture is to be designed to be displayed indoors or outdoors, the installation costs will be variable and added to the cost of the piece. 

Closeup of wall mounted butterflies sculpture
Dog portraits commission in process of being made

For Jilly to be able to capture the detail and unique character of a dog, the sculpture of the head is life size. The process usually starts with Jilly meeting the dog, taking many photos and measurements of the head and neck, and then finally making the sculpture in clay.

This process can also be offered on-line, with Jilly keeping the client totally involved with all the requirements needed for a commission but just taking place at a distance.

Once the client has viewed the clay version and is happy, then the foundry will receive the head and proceed with the casting and mounting of the sculpture.

The whole process usually takes about 3 months with a 50% deposit of the agreed purchase price required before the commission commences.

Please feel free to contact Jilly for further information on commissions either by email or phone on:

M: +44(0)7788 872779

Swallows wall-mounted sculpture by Jilly Vainer

“The brief for this commission was to capture movement! I am fascinated by swallows, their light flight, tumbling and playing, creating a sense of freedom in the air. I wanted their enthusiasm to lift the heart, to help spread our wings and to fly as high.”