Guidance for Remote Yoga Students

Being in a remote class is a different experience to being physically present with a teacher, but you may be attending remotely because it is just not possible due to lack of time. Therefore, in whichever way you enjoy your Yoga practice, the following guidance will help to make sure that your remote experience is as enjoyable as possible. Although there are tremendous benefits to overall health and wellbeing, Yoga can be physically challenging and carries with it risks that cannot entirely be eliminated.

Before taking part in a remote session, you must have completed the Health Questionnaire and read and completed the disclaimer. You must not participate if you are pregnant or under the influence of alcohol or non-prescription drugs. If you are in any doubt about whether you should participate in the Yoga class, then you should speak to a Doctor or obtain professional advice beforehand.

If you are a new student to Jilly or you have not practised Yoga for the last 6 months you must complete your Health Questionnaire, read and ticked your Disclaimer, and then there will be one FaceTime call online to discuss any health issues or requirements. This is a one-off process.

Even though Jilly is fully insured to teach remotely, she is unable to risk assess the space in which you are practicing, or you, to the same degree that is possible in face-to-face teaching. Therefore, you must be aware that by participating in a remote session you agree to be responsible for ensuring you are in a suitable remote environment and that you are healthy enough to participate. Make sure you have plenty of room to move your arms and legs and that the space around your Yoga mat is clear and space, therefore avoiding potential injury.

Check that the device you are using to watch the video is securely positioned and will not interfere with your movement.

Jilly will let you know in advance what equipment you will need so that you are ready beforehand, this will include Yoga props (e.g. Yoga mat, blocks, bricks, belts, blankets, cushions, notebook, pen/pencil and water).

Dress as if you were attending a face-to-face Yoga class.

Listen to your body and follow the instructions, but if you feel any discomfort then stop what you are doing.

The sharing of the video (in part or full) is strictly prohibited without the prior consent of Jilly Vainer.

Please note, this video is a pre-recorded session and cannot be immediately adapted to suit your requirements. In the absence of any negligence or other breach of duty by Jilly Vainer, participating in this Yoga class is entirely at your risk.