Jilly’s Yoga, enjoy

“Let me guide you along the well-trodden path of Yoga, to help you reach your full potential, mindfully connecting you to strength, balance and joy”

“We have everything we need right now”

“Just pause, breath and feel your natural rhythm, slowly letting go of everything that is no longer serving you”

What Makes Jilly’s Bespoke Videos Unique?

The video, and its link, is yours to keep and overtime you will create a library, allowing you to practise at your own convenience at home. These are not generic classes. Jilly is creating the videos for you based on the information you submit on the health questionnaire and a FaceTime call,  if you are new to her.

The videos, either 30 or 45 minutes. Here are a few of the categories below that Jilly will touch on – please look at the main library content in Step 1 to help you make your choice.

BREATH WORK (pranayama) 30 mins

Different breathing techniques to strengthen the lungs and calm anxiety.

POSTURES (asanas) 30 mins

Specific tutorials working on different parts of the body to strengthen and gain flexibility.

Variety of SUN SALUTATIONS – 30 mins

A sequence of postures to stretch and strengthen the whole body. Can be tailored for beginner or intermediate levels.

MOON SALUTE- 30 mins

A sequence of postures to stretch and strengthen the whole body at a more gentle pace.


Soothing practises to help release stress and recover from illness and injury.


These classes are more stimulating, invigorating, touching on the  affects of seasonal changes and Chakras (energy points) within the body.

“I invite you to join me, creating a space in your day to connect, grow and nourish your soul” ❤️