Sculpting in various mediums, including the body and mind

A self taught Sculptor, Jilly has developed over the years a following of wildlife art lovers, whether it’s a beloved pet, a commission for a beautiful garden sculpture or to add to an existing private collection. Each work of art is created with great care. She completely understands the muscular and skeletal form as well as the emotional character which she manages to portray with a flexed muscle or simply the position of the head. 

Jilly’s passion for the well being of animals and the continual fragile relationship between man and the environment leads her to developing new ideas  knowing that some of the endangered species that she creates will never be forgotten.

When Jilly is not sculpting the animal form she is sculpting the human form as a yoga teacher.


5% of revenue from Jilly Vainer Animal Art Sales will be donated to David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation, a registered charity no. 1106893. DSWF is a UK charity working to raise vital funds supporting front line conservation projects which help secure a future for endangered wildlife in their natural habitat

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