Jilly’s Yoga Experience

“I invite you to join me, creating a space in your day to connect, grow and nourish your soul” ❤️

Jilly yoga pose in black and white

Sculpting the body and mind for over 45 years

Over the past 45 years I have had the pleasure of working with the human form, qualifying as a Beauty Therapist and masseur with “Revlon” in 1975.  

I was very lucky to be placed in my first job in a top London salon called “Headlines”, famous at the time for its royal clientele and showbiz clients. 

Yoga had always been in my life and eventually I wanted to offer more to my clients than just aesthetics, so in 1999, I qualified as a Yoga teacher with the “British Wheel Of Yoga”. Over the years, I have been greatly inspired by the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli, Eric Shiffmann and BKS lyengar. In the early days of teaching, I worked all over London from gyms to community centres and church halls and I felt blessed to be able to share this wonderful gift of Yoga with so many people, changing their lives for the better.

Today I teach mainly small private groups or one to one lessons as well as offering online teaching, and creating lovely bespoke videos for those of you who are short of time or do not live in the South West London area.


“I have been instructed by Jilly for a number of years, from basic asana through to more advanced techniques. Now I am a fairly elderly man in my 80’s, I am sure that my current satisfactory fitness and flexibility is due to my Yoga practise with Jilly. Over the years she has always managed to work out my physical problems that comes with the stress of life and aging and managed to design sessions specifically for my needs. The painful back problem that I use to have is history. The fact that she is so perceptive and sensitive is very important, she has certainly inspired me to keep my practise going!”

“Jilly has been my Yoga instructor for many years. Waves of life experiences have washed over us both in that time, but throughout there has been the calm joy of Yoga. Jilly is quite simply exceptional. Her skill and knowledge make her the most intuitive and perceptive teacher, varying the practise to the needs of the moment. She is patient and kind, whilst giving the push we all need to progress. Not only am I stronger, more flexible and able to achieve more than I could have ever dreamt of, I have learnt how to manage my body and mind to be more resilient and happier. I believe Jilly’s Yoga has truly changed and indeed prolonged a healthy life following a challenging medical diagnosis”.

“Jilly has been my Yoga teacher for over 20 years, she is a wonderful instructor, intuitive, patient and so knowledgeable not just about Yoga but about lifestyle and nutrition. She really cares about the wellbeing of her clients and will do everything within her power to assist and support them. Our sessions are informative, personal and tailored to the individual, she seems to recognise what type of practise you need on the day. I feel blessed that she is in my life as an instructor, a mentor and a friend.”