Yoga Video Options

With these online recordings I hope to reach out to a new audience, maybe searching for something a little different, especially if you are short of time, or unable to see me for a face-to-face private lesson.

Yoga classes with Jilly Vainer

30-minute class priced at £25

This is best suited for those who would like a particular tutorial, a more restorative class or if you are relatively new to Yoga. The following suggestions are:

Breath Work (pranayama)

  1. Raise your energy with this warming breath work, kapalbhati, and then the opposite, cool your body with a breath work called sheetali.
  2. Exploring the diaphragmatic breath to help strengthen the lungs.
  3. Alternate nostril breathing, nadi shodhana, to help cleanse the lungs and balance and calm the nervous system.
  4. Working with the victorious breath, ujjayi, to help the mind focus while practicing the physical aspect of Yoga.
  5. Understanding the importance of the muscular locks, bandhas, and their use, to provide a good foundation to help gain more energy in your Yoga practice.
  6. The Humming Bee, bhramari, is a great breath work that helps relieve mental tension and is a great introduction to the healing properties of sound, leading on to the repetition of ancient sounds called mantras.

Postures (asanas)

  1. Beginner Sun Salutation, surya namaskar, is a sequence of postures to stretch and strengthen, preparing the body for a Yoga practice.
  2. Moon Salute, chandra salutation, is also a sequence of postures to stretch and strengthen with a gentler pace.
  3. Awareness of the Pelvic floor, to help strengthen and give support to the bladder.
  4. A hip opening practice to gain flexibility and strength.
  5. Strengthening the inner core to give support to the lower back (lumbar).
  6. This practice will help to release neck and shoulder tension from continual bad posture.
  7. Bringing life and stability back into the feet and ankles.
  8. The importance of strong and flexible hands and wrists in our Yoga practice.
  9. Helping to support the gut and digestive system through twists and breath work.
  10. A Yoga posture of your choice – a tutorial showing you the preparation beforehand and then the posture, asana.

Restorative Yoga

  1. Chair Yoga to support and gently stretch the body, helping recovery from an illness or injury.
  2. Yoga postures using a wall for support if feeling weak and unbalanced.
  3. Preparing the body and mind for stillness, mindfulness and meditation.
  4. Yoga Nidra is a guided relaxation to help improve insomnia (lack of sleep), stress and anxiety.
  5. Kaya Kriya (cleansing) – this deeply relaxing process helps the body to release trauma.
  6. A soothing practice using various Yoga props to help the body release residual tension.

45-minute classes £35

This is best suited for those of you who already have a regular yoga practice and would like a more dynamic flowing class.

Postures (asana) focussing on the Chakra system, the subtle energy centres.

  1. Focussing on stability, strength, and balance, connecting to the earth Chakra, muladhara, your foundation.
  2. Experiencing fluidity and flowing movements, connecting to the playful water element Chakra, swadhistana.
  3. This invigorating and stimulating practice, creating heat in the inner core, connecting to the fire element Chakra, manipura.
  4. A variety of back bends, opening the heart and shoulders, using your breath to connect to the air element Chakra, anahata.
  5. Using Ujjayi breath to set the pace and to help the mind focus on alignment, while twisting the body, linking to the Chakra, vishuddia.
  6. Focussing the eyes on a point, drishti, to help concentration and balance while flowing and connecting to the brow Chakra, ajna.
  7. A variety of inversions to help gain confidence in your practice and to experience the crown Chakra, sahasrara.
  8. A vinyasa flowing class, focussing on arm and shoulder strength.
  9. A vinyasa class focussing on releasing tight ham strings and leg strength.
  10. Wake up the warrior in you – empowering, tapping into inner strength and mental drive.
  11. A flowing class linking you to a “season” and touching on Ayurveda, the ancient science of life.
  12. Nourishing and rejuvenating floor based flow, when you feel you need to move more slowly and mindfully.
  13. The philosophy of Yoga in a nutshell, looking at Bhagavad Gita, Patanjali, Upanishads, and Hatha Yoga Pradipka.

The above are just suggestions. If you have anything else you would like me to teach you, then please contact me.